Hi, I'm Frank Hughey


Over 30 Years of passion for dog and pet care

Hi, my name is Frank and I offer quality short term and long term pet care for dogs of all ages and conditions. I am always happy to accommodate your dog's special dietary requirements, supplements and or medications and I would love to learn your dog's favorite game or activity so that we can play it everyday.

I am especially known in our area for hand rearing puppies and saving the lives of countless dogs that were deemed too far gone to save (e.g. due to illness, being the runt of the litter etc.) I have a real passion for improving the lives of dogs and providing top quality care. 

*If you have a beloved dog that needs pet sitting while going on vacation or need longterm care for your furry friend, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

There's No Place like Home

I am not a kennel and I take care of dogs in the comfort of my home, located in a serene, quiet South Carolina neighborhood. 


This provides dogs with a stress free environment when they are away from their families and their pack.

Sleeping Dogs