Treated our dog like family

Frank took exceptional care of our high energy Pointer/Pit mix for 6 months and he came back to us better behaved than ever!

As soon as I talked to Frank on the phone I knew he would be the right person to care for Bruno, our high energy Pit/Pointer mix.

My boyfriend and I were in a difficult position, as we didn't want to put our rescue dog in a kennel for an extended period of time, as this would simulate his days at the shelter. Frank was a life saver for us and took care of Bruno for 6 months as if he were his own. Frank regularly sent us photos and videos of Bruno playing at the dog park or playing with his toys, and this made us feel confident that our dog was getting loving care.

We came to visit Bruno during his 6 months with Frank and he seemed so happy and so well taken care of. Frank even took Bruno to the dog park in addition to his daily walks to ensure he was getting enough exercise. When we came to pick him up after 6 months, Bruno was happy, healthy and our dog with skin issues didn't appear to have skin issues anymore. In addition, we noticed he was better behaved in the house and appears to have gained some manners that could have only been due to Frank's consistency and patience with our dog.

Frank is the best pet sitter we have ever had and knows so much about dogs. Frank is calm and one of the nicest most caring people you could meet. If you trust Frank to care for your dog, your pup will be in the best possible hands.

"Frank is the best pet sitter we have ever had."

Bruno sleeping on my pillow

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