Frank saved my puppy's life!

My Akita gave birth to 10 AKC registered champion sired Akita pups on June 8th of 2019. One would not nurse at all and my vet advised me to put the pup down. A lady told me about Frank and the fact that he would maybe know of a different alternative. I couldn't imagine what, if anything could be done, but I contacted him anyways with little hope.

Days went by and I thought for sure the pup had died because I hadn't heard from Frank. Then I received a text from Frank saying, "His eyes are open". I replied with, "Whose eyes?"

Frank replied and said, "Your pup!" I cried in relief and disbelief that he was still alive!

Several more weeks passed and I received a picture of my little Akita pup and a text message saying that I could come get him. I got in my car and had to calm myself down as I drove to Frank's house. My sweet pup had survived against the odds that the vet had given me. I picked up my pup and went to the vet for my puppy's exam. When I carried the puppy into the vet's office, the vet essentially had egg on his face when he saw the puppy he said wouldn't survive.

I am now a true believer in the power of the love between a man and his dog. Frank is everything to me and he is a dog's best friend.

Thank you Frank!


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